2017 The 6th AZEC & 33rd ASET Joint International Conference

I. Objective

2017 The 6th AZEC & 33rd ASET Joint International Conference will be held jointly by Department of Science Communication, National Pingtung University and National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium. The conference theme is “Dance with the Popular Science Education”. The theme reflects the international science communities have paid attention to popular science communication recently. The science education is the fundamental of the popular science communication, and the scientific knowledge is delivered by understandable and motivating approaches with various media. The conference will also consult with Asian zoo educators, to allow experts and scholars from the fields of science education, popular science communication as well as zoo educators to gather together to share and discuss by means of keynote speeches, seminars, paper presentation and workshops.

The conference provides chances:

  1. To support the connection, exchange and development of popular science education dialogue internationally.
  2. To encourage the collaboration between formal and informal science educators.
  3. To promote the citizen awareness of wildlife conservation and biodiversity.
  4. To exchange innovative ideas and techniques for formal and informal science education.
  5. To offer opportunities for researchers and scholars to exchange research and instructional practices in formal and informal science education.

II. Organization

Advisers: Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education
Association of Science Education in Taiwan
Department of Science Communication, National Pingtung University
National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium

III. Dates and Venues

Time: November 9 (Thursday) to November 12 (Sunday), 2017
National Pingtung University (No.4-18, Minsheng Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 90003, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

IV. Overview

The conference program will comprise keynote speeches, paper presentation, seminars and workshops, and each discussion will be operated corresponding with fields. The paper submission and presentation should be made in Chinese or English. The contributors submit in Chinese will present in Chinese while English submission will be presenting in English. Submission topics include science education, science communication, zoo education and information communication relevant fields. The conference calls for Chinese papers, English papers, workshops and interactive posters for presentation.
Keynote speeches:
Five international scholars are invited for the keynote speeches to share ideas and knowledge about theatrical and practical science communication and zoo education (In English).
Paper presentation:
Each session of paper presentation will invite one to two scholars with relevant expertise as the chair for hosting the session. Sessions will include a number of paper and poster presentations (In Chinese or English).
Moderators who are keen to essential topics of science education are invited for dialogue.
Scholars and prominent teachers who have dedicated years in science education in practice and innovative teaching are invited to share the experiences, and offer participants opportunities for DIY.

V. Participants

Domestic and international science education researchers, zoo education researchers, K12 teachers, unstandardized science education practitioners and professors and graduate students in relevant fields are welcomed to participate in the conference to exchange research findings.

VI. Contact Us

For Asian Zoo Educator Conference
Chen, Yung-Hui (David)
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
Tel: 886-8-882-5001 ext. 7017
Fax: 886-8-882-5063
Email: Yhchen@nmmba.gov.tw

For Association of Science Education in Taiwan
Wu, Sheng-Yi
National Pingtung University
Department of Science communication
Tel: 886-8-766-3800 ext. 33150
Email: digschool@gmail.com