Call for papers

For Asian Zoo Educator Conference

Dance with Popular Science Education

Date: November 9-12, 2017
Location: National Pingtung University, Pingtung, Taiwan, ROC
Host: National Pingtung University and National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung, Taiwan, ROC.

Conference Theme: Dance with Popular Science Education.

We are expecting oral presentations, posters, and workshops relating the theme. Detail subjects are listed as following and will be posted on coming website.


  1. Science Education:
    Scientific Literacy, social scientific Issues, and citizen science
    Science/Mathematics learning
    Science/Mathematics teaching
    Curriculum, evaluation, and assessment
    Neuroscience research in science and Mathematics
    Policy research in science and mathematics education
  2. Education on the animal welfare and biodiversity conservation
    Exhibition: spoken and written language, pictures, movies, new medium, field trip,practices or cast studies on science education in zoo/aquarium/museum
    Practices concerned with zoo, aquarium, education center etc.
  3. Information Communication:
    Communication strategies with the public
    Information and communication technologies
    Public relationships and marketing
    Promotion strategies on education for zoo/aquarium/museum, national parks and schools
    Volunteer and interpretation
  4. Others
    Ecological tour, DIY and maker
    Environmental, STEM, and emerging technology education

*Collaborative science education programs between Zoo /Aquarium/Museum and Universities are especially welcomed.


  1. Oral presentations are scheduled in 20 minutes long. Each presentation should be no more than 15 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for discussion.
  2. A poster session will be scheduled, allowing participants time to view and discuss the posters. Authors are responsible for interacting with persons of interest during the scheduled time.
  3. Workshops should involve audience participation and/or discussion. Each workshop could last approximately 60 or 120 minutes.

※ Abstracts for papers, posters, and workshops must be submitted online by July 31, 2017. Conference Official website is coming soon. The updated news will be on AZEC FAN Page on Facebook

General guidelines for preparing abstracts

  1. Abstracts must be written in English.
  2. Authors should use characters in 12 point Times New Roman font. Title should be in bold type.
  3. Authors should be listed by surname, followed by first name and his/her institution.
  4. Abstracts should be single spaced. The maximum number of word is limited to 200 words, excluding title and author information.
  5. When submitting your abstract, please indicate which presentation types you prefer to: oral presentation, poster, or workshop.
  6. When notified acceptance of abstract, at least one of authors must complete registration online before deadline.
  7. Abstract format : Chinese Template, English Template.
  8. Transfer of Copyright Agreement:Download


Presentation Guidelines
Oral Presentations:

  1. Oral presenters are suggested to submit files (ppt, pptx, or pdf) by October 31,2017.
  2. Only PowerPoint files (.ppt or , pptx) will be accepted. PDFs are also acceptable, but PowerPoint files are highly preferred.
  3. Presentation file should be run a PC-compatible computers under Microsoft operation system with the version of PowerPoint 2010 and above.
  4. Please name your PowerPoint file with the format as “last name. Title of presentation.” (e.g. lee. Connecting urban children with nature.ppt)
  5. All presentations must be presented on the provided computer under Microsoft Operation Systems. Computers will be set to play standard video and sound. Please notify the committee via email if you have other audio-visual needs.
  6. If you plan to play a video file, please be sure to create a “pack & go” of your final presentation with video or sound, (From PowerPoint, go to File, then package for CD.) Be sure to bring the associated files with you to the conference, along with your presentation.


  1. The size of posters should be no greater than 90 cm wide 120 cm long.
  2. Posters must be printed in advance and be ready to present.
  3. Title of poster, your name, job title, and institution and summary should be on the top of poster.
  4. Title and author’s names should be no less than 70 point. Text in content should be no smaller than 24 point.
  5. Poster with minimal text and a variety of exciting pictures are suggestive.
  6. Create your poster by applying different types of art or font types.


  1. Workshops are great forum for brainstorming, problem solving, interactive learning, and building relationships. Workshops should involve audience participation and/or discussion.
  2. When preparing your materials, please expect a maximum of no more than 50 participants.

Important Date:

  24th February 2017   Open for Proposal Submissions
  31st July 2017
  (extended to 31st August 2017)
  Deadline for Abstract Submission
  15th September 2017
  (extended to 1st October 2017)
  Notification of Abstract Accepted
  30th September 2017
  (extended to 10th October 2017)
  Deadline of Early Bird Rate
  15th October 2017   Deadline of Online Registration


Conference Paper Submission Guidelines

I.Create an account

1.If it is your first time using the system, please create an account, to click “Register” for fill in the personal information. After a successful registration, you will receive a notification email from the system automatically.
2.If you have already had an account, please login your Account Name and Password directly for registration.

II.Forget password

While you forget your password, please enter the registered email address, leave the password blank, and click “Enter”. The system will send you the password to the registered email address automatically.

III. Abstract submission

When you submit the abstract, you as the corresponding author would be in charge of the submission. You would need to fill in the personal information of other authors (if any) to obtain their registration numbers respectively. Then, you as the corresponding author would need to send the registration numbers to other authors respectively for their conference registrations.

IV. Modify submission

After the submission, it is not allowed to withdraw the paper. But it is available to login in the system to modify the submission (click “Modify Submission”) (including personal and paper information, and resubmitting the paper) before the submission deadline.

《Paper Submission》


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For AZEC (Asian Zoo Educator Conference)
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Chen, Yung-Hui (David)
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
Tel: 886-8-882-5001 ext. 7017
Fax: 886-8-882-5063
For ASET (Association of Science Education, Taiwan)
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